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Editor's review

Published 12 Sep 2011

So how's your popularity on Twitter? FusionTweet is the latest Twitter analysis that give you the means to see just how you stack up against your guineas competitors or political rivals, if it comes to that. It allows you to see, via a serious of detailed polls and graphs, just how well you are received by your adoring public.

FusionTweet shows you and your rival's tweeting and replying trends now as well as retrospectively so you can see the highs and lows of your tweeting past and compare the results with your competitors. You can even see your competitors' and friends results by just entering in their Twitter handle and get a grip on how popular they are. You can also gauge how many followers you and your opposition is and view the tweets and mentions in the previous month as well as your followers tweets for the last two weeks.

While I've concentrated mostly on the business benefits of FollowTweet it can also be used as just being a fun app for testing your popularity between you and your friends. For me' I found the detailed graphs and analysis quite fascinating and I can see it's business and political benefit. But basically it's just a bit of free fun.

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