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Published 28 Sep 2011

If you fancy contributing to the world of financial journalism, but in common with most budding hacks find the "staff job" door firmly closed, fwisp.com could be the place to get heard. If you happen to be a blogger too then exposure to a much wider audience could be just one of the other benefits.

Fwisp.com is a site containing articles on all things financial. From personal finance, including investments and retirement planning, to education, career, real estate and corporate issues, the site has the economic news front covered.

For readers the site offers a chance to get fresh angles and perspectives on a number topical financial issues. The diversity of content is down to the fact that it’s all crowdsourced and so down to the members. Your interest doesn’t have to end at the reading stage either as you can comment and vote on articles and generally join in the debate.

If you’re a new to the site you’ll need to register but within minutes you can start loading articles. The process also provides an opportunity to present both a personal profile and any website details. By linking to Twitter as well all of your tweets are automatically posted to your summary page.

To eliminate spammers new contributors will have their work moderated for the first few submissions and articles will be held back for review. Once a track record for quality is established however these restrictions are lifted.

The site represents a great place for new...