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Published 25 Mar 2013

[cont'd] you want to search for 'happy hour' and 'karaoke,' or 'live music' and 'juggling,' you can find more accurate results using Gablit. You can add anything you find to your personal stream and create new streams for whatever you want. You could have a 'Speed Metal' or a 'Things To Do' stream if you like.
Gablit will join WikiDo and Timista as some of the more interesting entertainment guide apps, assuming it takes off as intended.  This one has a couple of major positives going for it though. For a start, it's a global guide whereas many of the others concentrate on purely local entertainment. But it could well be the mixed input search engine that makes it more likely to succeed. Put in any number of different genres and Gablit will come up with a plethora of entertainment from Dubstep to the Boston two-step (if you are lucky.) This is an easy to use entertainment app with an interesting search engine that will save you hours of searching through numerous entertainment websites.