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Developer description

A tactical RPG and turn based strategy sci-fi game where YOU play the role of an evil emperor of the galaxy!

Join the dark side, fight the battle for the galaxy, make choices to conquer the universe, lead your spaceships to victory!
The universe is yours to conquer. A war of strategies and civilization is imminent.

Supreme leader, today we celebrate your self-proclamation as emperor of the galaxy, the old republic has fallen! Unfortunately, this news has raised rebellions everywhere in the galactic space.

Conqueror, it will not be easy to implement your evil plan and conquest the galaxy, you will need to take tactical choices and use an effective strategy if you want to win the war against the rebels.

Galaxy Civilization Wars focus on conquest beyond earth and is a free turn based strategy game with a combination of role-playing elements: dictator simulator, galaxy wars and tactical RPG.

Features of the space strategy game:
- Galactic Emperor: Galaxy Civilization Wars, a sci-fi game offline that allows you to explore the universe, create a civilization beyond earth and conquer the universe.
- galaxy control: Take command in this turn based science fiction RPG, my Emperor, and wage war on all the enemies that will try to stop your space conquest.
- Lead galactic battles from your flagship, plan your army's moves with strategy and win the galaxy wars
- Suppress rebel revolts in order to maintain control of the empire, and put yourself to the test through space colonization and historical events dynamically connected to each other.
- Space Exploration: explore solar systems, manage planets, develop technology and create space fleets and massive armies.
- Discover new content and new challenges in every game: with over 2,000 rounds of this tactical rpg you can enjoy many hours of fun in space
- Within this epic text adventure RPG, you have to make the choices to subdue the subjects of your empire
- sci-fi game: manage thorny political issues better with the different galactic civilizations that you will discover in this space game
- Rule the world: explore the universe with your spaceships and conquer every planet and star you will discover
- Galaxy strategy games: everything in the sc-fi game is easy to understand and control.
- battle for the galaxy: Build your space military base, develop your spacecraft and assemble a mighty space fleet in this science fiction universe;

The age of emperors has began, are you ready to dominate the world and conquer the galaxy with this strategic game set in space?

Galactic Emperor: Galaxy Civilization Wars is not simply a sci-fi game, but a new experience where strategy and tactical RPG mix perfectly. This turn based strategy game is completely free, also works offline and is available in 11 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Polish.

Last updated 17 Oct 2019

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