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We've all played space shooters. You get into the cockpit, pick up the controller, and simply move around and shoot. You count on your reflexes and don't spend time making decisions...just follow the path, point and shoot.

When you grow tired of the typical space shooter and are ready to live the life of a space adventurer, there's Galactic Phantasy Prelude.

Unlike most of the other games on iOS, Galactic Phantasy Prelude (GPP) is targeted at serious gamers who don't just want to kill time but are really looking for an experience. GPP is not about simple single-path casual gaming, but instead lets you live your life as a space pirate. It's an open world with a mix of many game systems.

In GPP you can engage in real time action battles and progress a main storyline. You will uncover secrets gradually, and pick up numerous types of side quests. You will also build and customize six classes of spacehips, from small frigates to huge battlecruisers.

You can also:
- Fit your ships with 2000+ different equipment in 20+ types
- Rob spaceships near you in outer space
- Trade goods
- Discover 30 different golden routes where you can get rich quickly
- Recruit crew members for your fleet
- Level up starport facilities

Why is GPP perfect for serious gamers?

We believe that the touch interface and gorgeous screen offered by an iOS device provides a great foundation for us to build high quality gaming experiences for everyone. iOS has always been regarded as a platform for simple and casual gaming, but we believe it's the perfect platform for serious gamers.

GPP offers is a free open world environment where you can explore the entire Universe and decide how you want to proceed in your life. You really start to immerse yourself into the game world and begin living life as a space adventurer.

Why open world?

Simply put, GPP's open world design makes GPP no longer a game. GPP is an experience.

With an open world, you're not told to follow a straight path. As a space adventurer you can make a living by trading commodities or you can go out and rob the trading spaceships. In combats, you can fit your ships with all different types of equipment to align with your battle strategies. In GPP, you're always free to make your own decisions.

Last updated 4 Nov 2012

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