Developer description

GAM MESSENGER – GOT A MINUTE? GAM is the instant messaging app that gets straight to the point. It's ideal for sending short and time-sensitive content. Simply send a message to your contact and ask for a minute of their time. If they accept, you can message each other for 1 minute only. But if your contact doesn’t activate the chat within a minute of receiving your message, then there are no strings attached. Your message is deleted from their phone as if they never got it!
WHY GAM? Today, our smartphone is our biggest distraction. With instant messages constantly being sent and received in bulk, it’s difficult to prioritize between important and unimportant messages. With GAM, you can easily filter between messages that are important to answer and messages you can simply ignore! At the end of the day, all you need is a minute to get a message across and who doesn’t have 60 seconds right? What's cool about GAM is that you can: - prioritize your messages & interactions - focus on one conversation at a time - avoid awkward chat-endings - and enjoy your privacy … all in just 1 minute!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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