Developer description

The goal is to help gamers around the world do these things in a much timely manner:

1) Learn about ANY video game you want, from the old classic console games to games coming soon for the newer consoles. (We get called the "Gaming Wikipedia" of video games ALL the time)

2) While learning about videos games that you’re interested we also help gamers discover new games they might have never heard of before. (Game awareness is huge as a gamer)

3) We have a specialist program, which our team will help gamers pick the next game they want to buy. Essentially they send us some titles their looking into, we do extra research for them, provide them with some more in depth gameplay and then we give them our opinion based on the market ratings.

4) We have a spotlight section that allows gamers to read the latest news and blog posts from our team.

5) We have a video game store section which is opening very soon. It will allow gamers to buy things video game related for example obviously video games, but you can also buy pins, gear, etc. We are looking for as many vendors as we can to partner up with right no we have a total of five, we want to populate this space so that we can give as many resources to gamers as possible.

Last updated 21 Nov 2016