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Because friends don’t let friends buy junk…

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We all have products that we’re passionate about — whether it’s your favorite iPhone apps, ... More

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Published 20 Sep 2011's a beautiful thing. Were all hopefully passionate about one thing or another whether it be a quality shirt or a cuban cigar. Gangaroo is one of those places that is filled with passion. It's like an online marketplace filled with interesting gifts that you can discover and share with the ones you know and trust -your friends.
Gangaroo is a free online social shopping advice sharing tool that allows you to browse thousands of gifts and products from huge organizations as big as Amazon, CrunchBase, Android and iTunes. It actually searches all the businesses in it's huge database to find out where to obtain everything your heart desires. Once you’ve signed up on Gangaroo, you can start browsing products or viewing other members’favorites to check out the cool stuff they have. Or, you can search for your own favorite products using the Search Bar. You can search via the many categories available. I put in some very fringe items and every one came up with pages and pages of good stuff. It also tells you just where to get them

Gangaroo is a fairly simple thing. It's a marketplace online. But it's a marketplace with a difference. First up it's filled with interesting stuff that's been searched out by friends and people who's taste you trust. Secondly, if you're searching for something unusual it will come up with the goods and tell you where you can get it. Finally, it's free and a lot easier to manoevre than your local shopping mall. Less teenagers too.

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