Developer description

This online Gantt chart software is an easy way to create comprehensive project plans and share them with clients and team members.

GanttPRO is intuitive and effective at the same time. The app will help users to schedule projects and organize tasks, collaborate with team members, easily share and export created plans to convenient formats and get a 360⁰ view of their projects. The best news is GanttPRO is a web application that is available free for everyone who signs up now.

* Priority-based scheduling
* Task assignment to team members
* Critical path to see who's to blame
* Template collection for Gantt chart newbies
* Time tracking. Zooming system
* Drag and drop. Because it's easier that way
* Filter and search
* Advanced sharing system
* Export your projects to PDF, PNG, XLSX or iCal
* Progress baseline to see where development progress is

Last updated 30 May 2015

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