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Published 9 Apr 2012

GasBuddy is the app that every North American driver needs to own. With gas prices across the country varying so much from area to area and some gas stations seemingly plucking the price of a gallon of petrol out of a hat it's more important than ever to know where you can get the cheapest gas price closest to where you live. GasBuddy is a free and totally up to date online method of gathering gas price information based on consumer input and enabling you to identify  the cheapest fuel prices across North America. is a gas price comparison application put together by  group of local website owners which offers an online method for website visitors to post and view recent retail gasoline prices.  One of the few things that are as volatile and unpredictable as the weather is the price of gas. With constantly rising fuel prices it has become important that consumers are able to identify the lowest priced fuel when filling up their vehicles. It was developed as an initiative to provide all residents and visitors to the area access to local current gas prices. This is an entirely free service that depends on users to input gas prices on a daily basis to keep the database of prices up to date. Since the price of gas is often extremely volatile, posted gas prices may vary as much as 20% within only a few blocks of each other. By having access to the most recent prices at consumers now are able to locate the most inexpensive fuel price in the city and fill up on a budget. The fuel prices listed on are intended to be based on the price of Regular Unleaded Gasoline and Number 2 diesel fuel. The data base is designed to remove prices from display 72 hours after the time that they were entered which helps to keep the price data as current as possible. The GasBuddy system is designed to access the database from a remote location and displays the current local low and high fuel prices.
With fuel producing countries like Iran dangling a piece of string in front of the rest of the world to keep fuel prices high it seems an end to the spiraling gas prices doesn't seem likely just yet. At first, gas prices were seemingly kept at bay by the competitive nature of price comparison but it seems that some companies are now taking advantage at the confusion of customers to simply match the prices of their nearest competition. On the other hand, there are plenty of gas stations that stick to the rules and can be charging as much as 20% less and they may be located in the next suburb, for all you know. GasBuddy is a free app that let's you identify those cheaper gas stations and save yourself a packet as well as keeping the rest of them honest.

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