Developer description

With the GateKeeper's auto-lock ability, computer privacy has become nothing but an afterthought. GK-Chain protects PCs and Macs in hospitals, workplaces, dorms, and many other places. Snooping friends have finally met their match. Many companies have partnered with us to integrate the GK-Chains into their security systems.

CoolCAD Electronics, LLC is a CAD and custom electronics design firm that specializes in satisfying non-mainstream electronic design applications. Our expertise ranges from nanostructure and device modeling, design and analysis, to integrated circuit design and layout, and all the way to printed circuit board level electronics development. More specifically our thrust is concentrated on three areas, listed under services: 1) Semiconductor fabrication and characterization, 2) electronics design and prototyping, and 3) Circuit modeling and simulation.

Last updated 23 Dec 2014

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