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Published 16 Dec 2014

You'd think we'd have all learned our lesson these days about computer security. While Edward Snowden's efforts are probably out of the leagues of most people, it does seem rather silly to leave our work computers unlocked and vulnerable when we are away from our desk or when we go home at night. That's why the Gatekeeper Chain (or GK Chains) app was created. It lets you auto-lock and unlock your computer when you walk away and toward it...amongst other things. Gatekeeper - Locate and Alert is an Android and iOS app that works in conjunction with the GK Chain and offers additional features - specifically to locate and track important objects.
There are two main operating scenarios for GK - Locate and Alert. First up, there's the alert mode where the smartphone actually keeps track of your GK Chain. Along with the USB Lock, the GateKeeper software tracks your proximity to your computer and locks it when you walk away. It’s an easy way to protect your privacy while using the low energy Bluetooth solution. If the person carrying the smartphone walks away from the GK Chain there will be a beeping alert that reminds them not to forget about the GK Chain. Secondly there's the locate mode where the app can be used to locate the GK Chain if you are unsure of its location. In this scenario, the app will connect to the GK Chain and tell you just how far away it is from the smartphone. As you walk around the room, the app will indicate whether you have moved closer or farther away from the GK Chain. Now, don't worry, I know what you're thinking. It's not like one of those games that we used to play as kids where you wander around aimlessly for ages. To make it easier, the GK Chain will buzz - making it somewhat easier for you to locate your mislaid valuable item. You can also use GateKeeper as a two-factor authentication system to add security to your daily computer use. With the GateKeeper software and two-factor authentication enabled, you will need to have your GK Chain and type in your password to unlock your computer for ultimate security. You don't just have to limit yourself to the computer with GateKeeper because you can attach it to anything that could get lost or forgotten. Your keys, another phone or even the remote control, if you like.  This GateKeeper app for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch works in conjunction with the GateKeeper Chain (GK Chain) which can be purchased at
You'd think that businesses would be the main purchaser of the GateKeeper app - and indeed, its been very successful so far - but there are plenty of other opportunities to use it in your private life. For a start, how many times have we seen crazy status updates on our friends' Facebook pages when an open device has been sequested by another friend when they weren't looking? Some of us might even want to keep our computers closed to other family members, for one reason or another. Gatekeeper's fundamental role is to lock and unlock your computer but this companion app adds both the 'locate' and the 'alert' features that could both be used to ensure your privacy and to locate important things that could get mislaid.

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