Developer description

Touchless, passwordless login for your PC, Mac, and websites. GateKeeper Trident proximity password manager app turns your Android smartphone into your wireless password key.

Using GateKeeper Trident, your computer logs you in automatically without typing passwords. All your web passwords and usernames will autofill with the presence of your Android phone – a passwordless login experience from PC login to websites and software. Using GateKeeper Trident, your phone will act as your password caddie. When you leave with your Android, GateKeeper will use proximity to lock your PC/Mac. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the Trident app will communicate with the PC’s sensor to automatically authenticate. GateKeeper utilizes continuous authentication to ensure that as long as you keep your phone with you, you’re logged in, and as soon as you leave with your phone, the computer will auto-lock.

Automating your login with a more productive password-free method enhances productivity. Doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, and professionals use GateKeeper to login since it takes away 90% off the time wasted typing passwords, forgetting passwords, and prevents getting locked out. IT managers and compliance officers are deploying GateKeeper to allow employees to get more done with the same time. For example, clinical teams use GateKeeper to fulfill compliance requirements will being more efficient at the same time. Doctors have reported being able to see more patients in a day by using GateKeeper to login instead of passwords. Unlike biometric and card logins, GateKeeper does not require the user to have any interaction with the authentication system – just need to carry your phone that acts as your automatic password manager.

Last updated 31 Aug 2020

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