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Gazelle Point-of-Sale is an advanced web-based Point-of-Sale software, inventory, customer and ... More

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Published 13 Dec 2012

FeedMyApp has reviewed some brilliant business apps over the years but very few offer everything that Gazelle Point-of-Sale does for the small to medium-sized online shop. It offers everything from a complete inventory, customer and staff management systems all the way through to an e-commerce capability to take the retail world easily into the realm of online shopping - so essential in these changing times. Gazelle can be used simply with a Software-as-a-Service option or it can be installed directly. This cost effective set of business tools works on all browsers including iPad and could well be the e-commerce option you've been thinking about putting into place for ages.
Gazelle Point-of-Sale offers everything from an advanced web-based Point-of-Sale capability, a highly programmable extensive inventory service with all the trimmings and a fully featured customer and staff management system aimed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. It also has a built-in online store allowing retail stores to explore e-commerce and reach the global population of the Internet. Best of all, everything here is offered at a very affordable price. The software is offered as SaaS in the Cloud, or can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Gazelle Point-of-Sale features a centralised multi-branch, multi-terminal system plus an integrated online store. This makes Gazelle highly accessible as you can access it simply by using your Internet browser and even from the one on your iPad. Being a centralised system, updates are in real-time. This means that...