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Published 13 Dec 2012

[cont'd] a sale that happens in one of your outlets will instantly appear in other branches as well as in your headquarters. Gazelle is fast, efficient and user friendly as well as being compatible with most available barcode scanners. Some of its many features include payment splitting, professional personalized receipts, cash reconciliation, layaway and a comprehensive end of day transition summary. It offers a complete customer relations system with detailed analysis and a crossover to marketing and mail outs. For your accounts people you can create, print, email and track purchase orders directly within the app. You can then print them or directly e-mail them to your suppliers. Gazelle also properly tracks your orders and bind them with purchase invoices coming in from your suppliers. Keep your suppliers happy by settling the bills punctually with Gazelle Supplier Payments feature and create reports and analyze how your business is faring.
So as you can see, Gazelle Point-of-Sale offers the retail store every opportunity to joint the rest of the online community traders with little fuss or bother. It's fast, efficient and reliable and remarkably easy to use -especially considering the complexity of its ability to do everything except open the store in the morning and put the kettle on. it has become startlingly obvious over the last year or so that any store serious in being around in a few years has to have an online presence and Gazelle offers it in spades at a very cost effective...