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Published 17 Jan 2013

The last third of Cameron Crowe's much maligned minor classic movie "Elizabethtown" features a lengthy road trip for Orlando Bloom's character Drew. It's a fabulous and classic road trip that he undertakes and one that has inspired many to take that same trip. The travel story is mapped out beautifully by his new friend Claire and takes him from from Louisville Kentucky down to New Orleans via all sorts of fascinating places on the way. Gazettr is a new travel application that draws on the same passion and enthusiasm that Claire's road trip gave to Drew. It's a place to discover all the cool things about a place you want to visit and it's put together by passionate people who want to help you discover the best and coolest things when you visit somewhere new.
Have you ever found yourself spending a couple of days in a new city looking for something cool to do around your place but ended up chasing your tail searching for something fun to do? It might be a lovely place to do nothing in but you might have just missed out on the chance of a lifetime to do something really cool that only insiders know about. With Gazettr you can discover the coolest stuff to do by reading selections and stories curated by those insiders. maybe you will discover the latest shops and underground parties that were not here yesterday. While Gazettr is a place for recording your memories about a favored place in the world it's not really a place for purely reminiscing. I visited a beautiful tiny Asian island called Langkawi many years back annap served as i was departing that they were building a 747 length runway on the island so i figure that things will have changed a fair bit since i was there. Sure, your recollections about the general ambiance of a place are important, but it's just as important to know the things that are happening now. This is an app that's as much about the cool things to do in a new town or city as it is about how beautiful it looks. The travel stories are all submitted by travelers who can tell you the best bars to go to, the best places to eat and whether Banksy has stenciled a rat somewhere in town.
We are big fans of the travel app here at FeedMyApp headquarters and Gazettr has just enough interesting information to keep us involved. It offers personal stories about places all over the world and might just be the thing to inspire you to visit. You don't have to be nice about a place either. Gazettr can offer valuable advice on places that don't live up to expectations too. Whether its that excellent speakeasy in Louisville or an exclusive shoe boutique in Paris the app offers stories and experiences from real people. Next time you are in a new city or are planning a road trip like Claire's, Gazettr's personal stories might just convince you that a trip down America's Atlantic coast is the next trip you need to take.

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