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Published 16 Oct 2011

So, you need a new phone and there are literally thousands on the market out there, aren't there? Even if you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for in a mobile it's still hard to find somewhere that compares all of your options. You tend to go to a one stop and see what they've got. Well, Geekaphone goes some way to solving those problems by helping users quickly make informed purchasing decisions on the phone meets their needs.
Geekaphone is a mobile shopping tool that has only one goal. To help consumers make informed purchasing decisions on their new mobile phone quickly and efficiently. Geekaphone helps users quickly make informed purchasing decisions on what phone meets their needs. You can explore the world of phones based on your unique needs and our AI will recommend the best phone for you. You might want to compare Android and iPhone and the Blackberry to see which one fulfills your needs the best. Then all you have to do is insert the amount that you are prepared to pay and Geekaphone will do the rest. Geekaphone is part of the Snapsort family of consumer advice sites with it's laser focused on mobile phones and helping you make the best choice for your phone purchase. Their other fine sites help you find cars and digital cameras (another tough one.)

Let me just say that I hate shopping for mobile phones. I am always consumed by the fear that a better deal is out there somewhere and it probably is. The wonderfully named Geekaphone is the simplest of mobile shopping tools and, with it's intuitive search and organize engine, hunts up the best mobile phone for you based on the features you want and the price you are prepared to pay. So next time you are thinking to head up to the big one-stop in the mall it might be a better idea to do a little research first. Geekaphone is the perfect place to start.

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