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Published 30 Apr 2015

Having completed various online courses over the last few years, I can tell you from first-hand experience that there's a big difference between a good one and an average one. The good ones are based on solid online learning techniques but remain relevant by incorporating the most up to date information available. They must be accessible on any type of browser - whether it be mobile, tablet or web - and they must be adaptable to all levels of learning. More and more businesses these days are having to change the way that they develop their workers' knowledge by creating their own courses to keep up with new developments in a fast changing world. Unfortunately, even though many course authors try hard, they don't know the first thing about the best ways of educating people and that's precisely why Geenio was created. This easy to use set of course creation tools is the perfect conduit to allow a business to create its own, individually tailored courses and present them in a way that suits the learning capabilities of everyone involved - from novice to expert.
A good, clean and easy to use course structure can make all the difference when it comes to employee education. Geenio was designed so that businesses can quickly and efficiently build interactive learning material based on their employees knowledge base.  Rather than course creation taking weeks and weeks to prepare, Geenio lets you create a full course in less than a couple of days by offering unique templates and best practice guidelines that follow the most up to date and effective learning techniques. While developing its education solution, the developers put the emphasis on natural interaction and observation methods. It found that each individual's learning process worked much better when it was associated with their initial understanding of the information provided. It was only when they had ingested that knowledge base that they were truly able to move on and take in the new information. To achieve this, Geenio created Pathboards  - a non-linear content creation tool that assesses each employee’s knowledge of course material through tests and quizzes before allowing them to move on to additional content and courses. If these are not passed correctly, employees are taken back to the material they need to improve upon. The cornerstone of the successful learning experience is centered around the individual student's frame of mind and comfort zone and Geenio's courses will change continually depending on each employees grasp of the content. Course creators can fully customize the learning process by adding new course objects, editing interactions between objects and even changing the sequence of learning modules in the course. This gives them a birds eye view of the whole course and let’s them choose when employees can and should move forward. With Geenio’s HTML5 based solution, course content can be consumed as each employee feels most comfortable - on smartphones, tablets, and on the web.
Companies can pay a heck of a lot of money to keep their employees on top of their game. It's essential these days because competition is so tight at the top. Geenio gives every business the chance to lift their game by offering high quality course templates and best practice guidelines that can be fully customized to your industry needs. It's cloud based, so there is nothing to download and, as a consequence, it can be accessed wherever you are and on whatever device you are using. It's very easy to use and you won't need a degree in IT to create brilliant courses effortlessly. This immediacy allows businesses to stay totally up to date with current trends and practices to help keep your business at the top of the tree. Geenio is a cost effective way to educate, inform and train employees in house and, more importantly, at their own pace.

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