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Published 30 Apr 2015

[cont'd] days by offering unique templates and best practice guidelines that follow the most up to date and effective learning techniques. While developing its education solution, the developers put the emphasis on natural interaction and observation methods. It found that each individual's learning process worked much better when it was associated with their initial understanding of the information provided. It was only when they had ingested that knowledge base that they were truly able to move on and take in the new information. To achieve this, Geenio created Pathboards  - a non-linear content creation tool that assesses each employee’s knowledge of course material through tests and quizzes before allowing them to move on to additional content and courses. If these are not passed correctly, employees are taken back to the material they need to improve upon. The cornerstone of the successful learning experience is centered around the individual student's frame of mind and comfort zone and Geenio's courses will change continually depending on each employees grasp of the content. Course creators can fully customize the learning process by adding new course objects, editing interactions between objects and even changing the sequence of learning modules in the course. This gives them a birds eye view of the whole course and let’s them choose when employees can and should move forward. With Geenio’s HTML5 based solution, course content can be consumed as each employee feels most comfortable - on smartphones, tablets, and on the web.
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