Developer description

The time of black and white tile is over. Enter Gekko Hop : Don’t step on the land tile.

The rules are simple. No matter what you do, don’t step on the land tile. Save the gekko by tapping on each water tile to move the gekko forward avoiding the dangers in the swamp. The gekko has lost its mate and its up to you to help it find her by going on a fun filled adventure.

The rewards will be higher as you tap faster. Save the gekko in 4 different modes:

Classic (Race the tiles and complete the swamp in record time)
Arcade (Score more the faster you tap)
Timed (Set the watch to 30 seconds. How far can you go?)
Rush (A workout for your finger in the fastest mode)

Guide the gekko to victory through this vibrant fun filled swampy adventure.
Ready, Set and don’t forget to rate.

Last updated 29 May 2014