Developer description

This free and simple web app is still a work in progress but can already provide some useful services like inviting a group of friends to form a closed group and share real time position on a map. Great for gatherings, excursions and road warriors.

Users can also send messages (direct, group or location based) with push notifications (only in some browsers).
It's extremely quick and handy to invite friends, they will receive an URL via WhatsApp or any IM or email and then they can join the group with just one click.

All operations are done in the browser, nothing to download/install, ideal for quickly involve people in unplanned situations.

The web app is very careful with privacy, position is shared only within known people and users are not required to login with real name. The real GPS position is disabled by default until the user explicitly enable it. It is possible to try the app without using real position, some directional buttons in the dashboard allow to simulate a position change. The app should be tried at least in two users, possibly more, to make sense.

There are many ideas for new features but some early usage or feedback would greatly help.

Ideal usage is with Android or iOS phones but also desktop can work. The homepage contains a list of recommended setups.

The design at the moment is very basic, so far the efforts have been focused on the logic.

Thank you very much for trying it out!

Last updated 2 Feb 2017

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