Developer description

GeoZilla Family Hub is a battery-friendly solution that empowers family members to be close when they are miles apart. Uniting over 50 thousand families in just 6 months after launch, GeoZilla is the fastest growing new family network on mobile.

GeoZilla lets you:
Know where your kids are at any given moment
Get informed when they arrive or leave
Communicate with mutual knowledge of each other’s location
Share experiences as you send photos and discuss your day
…all from one easy-to-use application!

With GeoZilla we took a shot at one of the biggest reported issues Geo tracking apps have to deal with, namely battery drain. And that we tackle with our battery-friendly location algorithm we are continuously polishing. Instead of maintaining constant connection the app gathers information upon change in location or on user demand when the user actually needs to know the location.

Last updated 26 Jan 2016

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