Developer description

Germin8 Social Intelligence is a social media analytics and engagement suite that helps brands become more customer centric in terms of their customer engagement, products and services and marketing communication.

Brands use Germin8 Social Intelligence to:

- Listen and understand what consumers are saying about their brand, campaigns, products & services, competitors, and product categories.

- Manage customer interactions across social media in near real time to ensure high customer satisfaction and low turn-around-time.

- Measure the eectiveness of social media marketing on key metrics within their own channels, bench-marked against their competitors.

Germin8 Social Media Intelligence is a SaaS-based product that is in use by the marketing, customer care and corporate communications teams across more than 130 paying brands in India. It is built on a Big Data platform that supports real time data fetching, analysis and visualisation. Germin8 Social Media Intelligence can be easily
integrated with CRM systems, data visualisation systems and other 3rd party Big Data solutions.

Last updated 30 May 2015

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