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Gerta helps you schedule meetings around the world easily, all the timezone calculations are ... More

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Published 3 Jul 2016

Time zones can be a pain in the ass, can't they? There are so many ever-changing zones around the world that it can be hard to keep up. The US is probably the most confusing one to come to grips with as there are nine different zones that can be as much as eleven hours different from one side of the country to the other. Australia confuses the hell out of me too as some of the zones don't even follow logical patterns and, depending on the time of year, there can be a quarter or half hour time difference sneaking in there somehow. If you are trying to schedule an online or a phone meeting across the country or around the world it can be a nightmare.

Gerta was set up to alleviate these problems. This incredibly easy to use and very convenient Android productivity and meeting planner app does all the hard work for you. It helps you schedule meetings around the world easily with all the confusing timezone calculations already done for you within the app. Gerta is ideal for the business person or frequent traveler and takes out all the confusion of time zone traveling. Rather than laboriously ploughing your way through the various time zones you can plot your meetings in seconds rather than hours with the confidence that everything is spot on.

To get things started, you just need to add at least two cities in order to start planning your meetings...