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Work out your time zones with this great meeting scheduler

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Published 3 Jul 2016

[cont'd] Then add the desired date and the time you want to meet as well as your home base location. Gerta will deliver possible meeting timings of all your meetings and let you share the details via email, calendar, WhatsApp or on any other app you want to use. As you might have a changing set of cities for your meetings the app delivers three convenient screens so you can add all the different cities that you will be in. The app offers easy management of your meeting schedule and you can add, delete and organize in a moment just by tapping and swiping.

The major pluses with Gerta are it's simplicity of use and it's sheer convenience. It takes all the stress and uncertainty out of connecting to important meeting no matter where you are in the world. While you might think it pretty easy to organize a meeting if you are just traveling to just the one city, it gets far more complicated when multiple cities and time zones are added to the equation. Why bother to work it all out on paper when you can do it in an instant with Gerta?

Gerta is a very useful little app that looks great on your Android and manages all your meetings effectively and efficiently with a minimum of fuss. You'll have to allow a few permissions giving access to your location as well as your photos, media and files for the app to work...