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Some apps are sent to change our lives - this is one of them

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Gesturely is a custom keyboard app that lets you assign a gesture to any phrase. No more typing ... More

Editor's review

Published 21 Aug 2015

Here at the FeedMyApp offices, we get sent a vast amount of app submissions every week. The last time I looked there were well over 30,000 apps in the system. Most of them are a lot of fun and don't claim to be groundbreaking events but occasionally, just occasionally, one comes along that will actually improve our lives. They are those one-of-a-kind apps that we wish we had come up with ourselves. Gesturely is one such app. So how can it change our lives? Well, how many times at work do you find yourself sending emails or messages out with exactly the same information in them? Gesturely makes our business life easier by letting us reply with the correct response just with the swipe of a finger. Equally, getting a phone call or a message while driving can be quite stressful. Think how much easier - not to mention safer - it would be to swipe an "I'm driving" gesture rather than putting everyone's life in danger by answering it. (Editor: Or just not touching it :-) )

Gesturely is the first 'true' custom keyboard app and was developed to make our lives easier by letting us assign a specific gesture to a particular phrase. No longer will you have to type out or cut and paste standard replies, familiar phrases, long usernames or complicated email addresses. All you have to do is to swipe a shape via the gesture-based keyboard and your phrase is pasted in with no fuss. Research has proven that we remember visual images 500% easier than we do words, Gesturely works with everything whether it be a simple emoticon or a complicated paragraph and it doesn't matter if you are texting, browsing the web, sending emails or anything else that requires your device's keyboard.

t’s simple to use. Just create a gesture in the app and assign a phrase to it. Now it is instantly available anywhere you use your phone's keyboard. Gesturely's nuanced gesture algorithm distinguishes the difference between each gesture right down to the last pixel. You don't even need to have an internet connection to use it because all the info is stored safely and securely on your own phone. Gestures are very easy and fun to create and you can make as many as you like and need. With each gesture being created by you, the amount that you make is really only limited by the size of your imagination. It’s faster and safer than typing and gives you all of your common phrases at the swipe of your fingertip.

I'm not going to tell you that Gesturely will save lives but, if you are driving in the car, it's definitely going to be a lot safer to just swipe a quick gesture rather than having to tell your caller that you are driving (Editor: we would of course, like to point out, that we don't condone using a mobile phone whilst driving! However, if people choose to do so, this would indeed make it safer, although still very much illegal!) That's one great thing about this app. The second is that it is a massive time saver if you are responding with similar responses to emails or texts. Just a swipe of the finger is going to do it for me every time rather than typing out the same information over and over again.

Finally, for a regular writer like myself, it's such a bonus to not have to worry about typos or autocorrects - the bane of our lives - not to mention complicated usernames and email addresses. You can create as many gestures as you like and even edit them as your response changes. Gesturely comes with a great little by-line that sums it up quite nicely... 'It’s the perfect app for people who have to repeat themselves. And say the same things over again.'

NB Feedmyapp and Gesturely both implore you NEVER to use your phone whilst driving!

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