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Some apps are sent to change our lives - this is one of them

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Published 21 Aug 2015

[cont'd] mobile phone whilst driving! However, if people choose to do so, this would indeed make it safer, although still very much illegal!) That's one great thing about this app. The second is that it is a massive time saver if you are responding with similar responses to emails or texts. Just a swipe of the finger is going to do it for me every time rather than typing out the same information over and over again.

Finally, for a regular writer like myself, it's such a bonus to not have to worry about typos or autocorrects - the bane of our lives - not to mention complicated usernames and email addresses. You can create as many gestures as you like and even edit them as your response changes. Gesturely comes with a great little by-line that sums it up quite nicely... 'It’s the perfect app for people who have to repeat themselves. And say the same things over again.'

NB Feedmyapp and Gesturely both implore you NEVER to use your phone whilst driving!