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Published 25 Dec 2012

We all have times in our lives when we get a little down in the dumps and sadly, for many among us, it's at this time of year that many suffer most. Christmas for many is a time of reflection for things like the mistakes we've made, the loss of friends or family members or relationship problems. That is why making resolutions at New Year can be such an important spur in the decision to change your life and get your mental house in order. If your resolution is to improve your state of mind then an app like Get Happy could well be a great place to start. Developed by a leading clinical psychologist, this health and wellness application gives you proven tips and motivational techniques to deal with painful thoughts and lead you forward to tackle the world again.
While Get Happy - ways to increase your happiness" doesn't suggest to be quite the same as professional psychiatric advice it does offer sensible tips and techniques to improve your way of life. It was developed by clinical psychologist Dr Lisa Patterson-Kane and based on the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy concept. The app offers a 'tap on the shoulder' method of counseling and offering personalized strategies that hope to improve and enrich your life.  It delivers a daily tip to help you deal with painful thoughts and to clarify your thoughts and provide knowledge on the important things in life. This knowledge is designed to guide, inspire and motivate you to change your life for the better. It's a bit like having a clinical psychologist giving you a nudge and whispering evidence-based tips and good advice in your ear every day...but nowhere near as expensive. The tips are organized based on four pillars of happiness -relationships, leisure, personal growth and wrk and education - and tips are prioritized based on the areas of your life that are in need of most improvement. Rather than a strict regime, Get Happy is more of a self-help tool that hopes to assist people in their day-today lives. In particular, it hopes to reach those in rural and remote communities who don’t have ready access to many of the self-help tools available to city dwellers. Get Happy embraces modern-day technology to provide revolutionary techniques to provide quick solutions for people who wish to increase the amount of happiness in their lives.
There are so many pressures on people these days that it's no wonder there are so many avenues available for self-improvement and the bettering of one's life expectations. Some choose religion, some choose therapy, some choose exercise while others go for self-help manifestos like The Four Agreements to try to come to grips with their future happiness and improve their lot. While Get Happy doesn't demand the same commitment as a church visit or cost as much as a weekly visit to your shrink it does give good positive thoughts to try to guide you in the right direction. For under a dollar you can have evidence-proven sensible advice and tips every day to just give you a nudge and remind you of the things that you need to concentrate on today. In a philanthropic way, it provides simple and effective strategies to guide you through painful periods of your life and improve the way you look at the world and increase your personal happiness.

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