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Published 10 Jan 2013

Design is such an arbitrary science that it's never easy to get two parties to agree 100% on the way a project should look. When the two parties are the client and designer that can provide problems. When a designer sits down to have a first-up meeting with the client it is to thrash out all the basic details of what needs to be done and how the design should look. But how can both sides have all the criteria in front of them so that both teams are on the same page all the way down the line? Osmosis is a simple design project tool for creating fully customized questionnaires to map out all the details of a  campaign and save you time by preventing your having to keep going back and forth asking for further details and clarifications. 
Osmosis is one of those really useful sets of design tools that simplifies the whole process of mapping out all the elements of the design process. It helps designers and other creative people save a lot of time by nailing down the details of a project before you get started on it and keeps everyone on track  right the way through the whole creative process. What generally happens at the first designer/client meeting is to sit down and set the parameters and all the main details of the campaign. After that tends to  come a series of emails or phone calls at regular intervals to clarify...