Developer description

1. Creating valuable relationships between Businesses and Customers

2. Cultivate genuine customer conversations for ideation, Q & A, bug tracking, and overall health of the brand

3. A front-end support solution to create a searchable and indexable content such as your FAQs and other low hanging fruit that can be transferred from high-capital intensive methods

4. Expand the lifetime of your content coming from Facebook. Use our Facebook application to collect feedback and support questions from your brand page. Expanding the relevance of a Facebook post from its usual 7 hour lifespan to a 9 month period in a community environment

5. Using a Get Satisfaction community, because it is based off of a large network, has incredible SEO power, using your customer conversations to make your brand more discoverable and highly indexed in organic search

6. Connect customers with prospective customers to lubricate the customer lifecycle

7. Plug and play integrations with current HelpDesk applications (Desk, Autodesk, Jira, Zendesk)

8. Pre-built Community Health Analytics powered by GoodData to track the health, trends, and users in the community

Last updated 5 Mar 2013