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Published 2 Oct 2013

In days of old, the only real feedback that a business would get would be an 'over the counter' one from a disgruntled customer. And even then, it is said that for every person that complains, there are another six who will simply tell their friends...who tell their friends. Things have moved on from those days and meaningful knowledge has been gathered via everything from door-to-door surveys to in-person focus groups. But the single biggest change in survey gathering has occurred since the turn of the century. The online survey business now generates in excess of two billion dollars annually and the cost of finding out everything from how to keep our employees happy to how well a product is doing in the marketplace can be astronomical. GetFeedback makes surveying available to everybody that makes it easy to create beautifully presented surveys on all your devices including mobiles and your web browser.
In today’s competitive and fast-moving business environment all businesses need genuine feedback in order to make well-informed decisions. Those decisions may center around how we treat our employees or how we keep our customers happy. They could also include finding out how a new product is being accepted or which new products are being asked for. Or it could simply give you a guide on how to grow your sales or show you in which direction the company should be heading. These decisions are needed right the way through your complete business from HR managers, marketers...