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Getsocio is a social commerce platform, which allows to build a group buying or daily deal ... More

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Published 2 Jun 2012

Getsocio is like a big warm blanket you can relax into when you are developing your ecommerce site. By that I mean they cover all the important bases and deal with all aspects professionally when it comes to online sales. Getsocio does all the behind-the-scenes stuff while your customers think you have a dedicated team working as your sales force day in and day out. Within a couple of minutes you can have an up and running and great looking online shop with all the trimmings including online payments and achieve itin a cost effective way.
Getsocio is a social commerce platform that allows you to build a group buyingor daily deal website in a couple of minutes at zero upfront cost. Simply pick a name for your site and it will be created for you instantly. As a site owner you will be granted administrator permissions as soon as you sign in to your site. You may run your site under your own domain name, upload your logo, change your site look, edit any page texts, add new pages or even translate the site into another language. You may also tailor Getsocio to your business needs — adjust referral fee, deal duration and tipping point. Getsocio allows to accept payments via PayPal, and a few more. As Getsocio is a self-hosted script, you don't have to worry about getting your web server, configuring it and keeping it secure. Instead you may focus on the core...