Developer description

Ghost EVP Radio is an exciting new tool for paranormal detection, investigation and research. But a word of warning: Sceptics and people that are very easily frightened are probably better off without this app. How it works: Just like traditional ghost boxes the app relies on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), but this app takes the ghost box concept to the next level: during a session, a variant of of Brownian noise (a.k.a. random-motion noise) is generated and visualized on screen. The noise is manipulated in order to create a 100% random signal. The result is analyzed, in order to identify meaningful patterns of words and phrases. In the final stage the application plays audible speech based on the processed data. No speech is pre-recorded or streamed from the Internet (the app can be used offline).
Key features:
* Full support for 13 languages: English (US/UK), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
* Record and share your paranormal encounters.
* Microphone based recording.
* Use the in-app media player or open your recordings in compatible apps from within Ghost EVP Radio.
* Amazingly scary results!
Some customer reviews:
"It's creeping me out. During my first recording, I asked for the name of a neighbor who recently died, it said his name. I asked who else lives with me, it said 2 correct names. I asked what room I was in twice, it got hallway and bedroom both correct. I have chronic eye pain, so I ask what hurts me daily. 1st it said the name of my x husband, who does indeed cause me emotional/mental pain daily. I asked again, specifying physical pain, it said "brain". If it's fake, someone explain how it's so disturbingly accurate!?" "Love It!
The very first time I turned this on a young woman came through and clearly said my name. Spooky!! Later, at least two it other voices came through and gave intelligent responses to simple questions. This might just make me a believer! I think it'd be great for Halloween!"

Last updated 9 Feb 2015