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Ghostlab - Kick-ass synchronized website development --- What is Ghostlab? Ghostlab is a powerful tool for web developers and professional testers. Websites are being viewed on multiple browsers and devices of all forms and sizes. It provides a synchronized environment in which any number of browsers and devices (clients) display the same content and interactions at once.
Whatever you do in one of the clients is replicated across all others. This makes responsive testing a breeze, and helps web developers and testing professionals make sure that the whole audience gets the same neat experience. In addition to its synchronization engine, Ghostlab offers powerful development tools based on the Chrome Dev tools. They allow you to remotely inspect CSS on any connected client. If you wish, you can do synchronized inspection, meaning any changes you make to the DOM on one client are immediately visible on all others as well.
Finally, our inspection tools allow you to remotely debug JavaScript code - be it on a browser, a smartphone or even a TV set. To properly integrate into your development workflow, Ghostlab supports preprocessors like Sass, Jade and TypeScript. Any changes you make in your source files are compiled into browser-ready HTML/CSS/JS and immediately reloaded on all clients. For CSS changes, we do soft reloads.
Feature list - Synchronized browsing - Responsive testing - Inspect CSS on any device - Multi-device CSS and DOM live editing - Debug JavaScript anywhere - Compile Sass,Jade & more - One-click multiple browser workspaces - Presentation mode for team sessions - Automatic reloading with style injection - Automatic form filling - Free Support - Security features to control access - Proxy support - Redirection service for permanent bookmarks on devices - Selective synchronization mode Supported Platforms - Mac OS 10.9 and up - Windows 7 and up (32 and 64 bit versions available) Licensing and Price - 49 USD per licence - one user, two computers - 7 day (counted by actual days of usage) fully functional demo - Bulk licensing discounts available - Reseller licences available - Price includes support and bookmarking services
Websites - (main website and store) - (knowledge base and support) - - - MEDIA PACK: About Vanamco Ghostlab is developed by Vanamco AG, a small company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Vanamco focuses on building state of the art web applications and tools that help you save time and achieve your goals effectively. Technology-wise, we put a strong emphasis on using JavaScript throughout the entire stack.

Last updated 12 May 2015

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