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Developer description

Christmas time can be the best time of year: Cookies, presents, a warm fire, family, friends, time away from your job, decorations, music and celebration, but it can also be downright stressful.

Making sure you have saved up enough money or budgeted correctly for your love ones can be disastrous without the proper planning. Then comes the anxiety of whether you bought them the gift that they will love. Please see our funny video that embellishes this scenario. . It's unneeded stress at such a relaxing and joyous time of year.

Introducing, "Gift It - A Christmas Shopping List", a productivity app for your Apple device. "Gift It" is a fun, cozy, relaxing and simple Christmas gift planning tool to help you eliminate the stress of the Christmas shopping experience. Simply add a name, the gift, along with the price, and allow "Gift It" to do the rest. Christmas shopping will never be more fun and you never have to worry about buying the wrong gift ever again!"

Developers at Switchback Media LLC added features such as:

- Cute, warm and simple user interface
- Swipe to remove from list, Swipe to delete
- Percentage and color coded task progress
- Custom popups, custom gift and cost font's
- A unique experience that will remind a user that Christmas is around the corner

Download "Gift It" today for FREE in the iTunes store and eliminate the hassle of your Christmas shopping 2012 experience!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015