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Gift Side Story is a gifting concierge for guys like you. You’re all about finding the ... More

Editor's review

Published 6 Sep 2011

Guys! Guys! Guys! This it an app for you. How many times have you realised at the last minute that its a friend's birthday or your anniversary and you have to rush out to the shops and buy the first thing you find. Well, if you are all about buying a great gift for your female friend then Gift Side Story provides a simple and unique way of making sure you buy her the gift she deserves. And you'll never miss an important date again. 

It's very simple to use. Just fill out a profile for each female you wish to include which includes all her very important dates - birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah etc. Gift Side Story will pick three unique gifts that are individually tailored to each specific person and invite you to pick one of them for that special person. Whereas you would have to race out at lunchtime at work and grab the first decent thing you could find Gift Side Story acts as your own personal concierge and comes up with well thought out items like iPad cases, stylish handbags and jewelry for the perfect gift. Rather than a last minute gift, Gift Side Story will ship your chosen item in plenty of time for that special occasion.

We all want to give our loved ones the best we can so it makes sense to plan ahead a bit. Gift Side Story certainly ticks all the boxes. Well organized, easy to use, the gifts are unique and often bespoke and how much less pressure on the hard working man as the gift is delivered well on time. So if you are looking for a shopping app that will make you the most popular fella in the house...Gift Side Story might well be worth investigating.

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