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Keep in touch with your friends and send gifts directly from your phone all from one place.

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Published 1 Aug 2021

[cont'd] chance to keep up with your loved ones' birthdays and anniversaries - or any other celebrations - wherever they are in the world. You can import your contacts or add new ones with just a click, and customize your contacts information with names, birthdays, addresses, emails, social media details and even photos. Make notes on any important dates and create reminders to give you plenty of time to select and send a gift or an e card directly from the app on your phone. Find friends easily and quickly by filtering them any way that you like and send wonderful and thoughtful gifts to your contacts from the one-stop gift shop with just a few clicks.

Right now, you can create, decorate and send beautiful electronic postcards to your contacts via text, email, WhatsApp and on Telegram but there will be a number of updates over the next few weeks and months that will turn the app into something even more interesting. The gift options will be geared up significantly with flowers, new types of gifts and other accessories being added soon, for that extra special present for loved ones. Electronic gift cards will also be available in North America in the next month or so and the gift tab will be filled with goodies by October.

Gift World means that you'll be better organized because the app shows you all of your friends, family and other contacts - not to mention a calendar and a gift app - right there...