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Automate your friends so you never miss their birthday again

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Join the Hive, connect with your friends, home or abroad, and you'll be able to organise ... More

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Published 12 Feb 2019

There was a time in life when we had all this information safely tucked away in our brain. We could remember people's street addresses, their phone numbers, their birthdays. It was all in our heads. I can still remember telephone numbers that I had many, many years ago. These days we are all so busy and pre-occupied so we have our mobiles to remind us of some of the things that are important. We don't have to worry about street addresses anymore because nobody sends letters but phone numbers and birthdays are essential. 

For the last few years, many of us have relied on Facebook to remind us when a friend's birthday is coming up. But that's only half the problem. It's all very well finding out on the day that it's a friend's special day but what about buying them a present? It's a bit late now. Well, here we have a very simple app that will take the pressure off a wee bit. Gifthive is a new app for Android and iOS that not only gives you plenty of advance time for birthday planning. It also suggests and sends them a designated gift.

When you join 'the 'Hive' your birthday gift woes are all taken care of. You just have to connect with your friends wherever they may be in the world and get them to join up and put their details to create a friends' network. Once you...