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Automate your friends so you never miss their birthday again

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Published 12 Feb 2019

[cont'd] ve all filled in your details - name, date of birth and street address - you'll create a friends' database and none of you will need to remember birthdays anymore. No one will have to worry about privacy because everything is confidential. Invite as many people as you like and, the chances are, you'll receive more presents on your own birthday as well.

You don't have to send everyone on the list a present. You can decide who you wish to send a gift to and even set up a budget for the amount of money that you're prepared to spend. You'll receive a notification several days before your friend's big day with up to three gifts suggestions that suit your budget figure. Pick one, pay for it and Gifthive will do the rest. They will send off your gift so that it reaches your friend on time no matter where they are in the world. 

Gifthive is an app for the busy people that we have all become these days. It's one less thing to remember. You don't have to remember your friends' actual address or their date of birth because everything is done automatically. The app itself is simple to use and even the Luddites amongst us won't have a problem using it. You can connect with friends via email, messenger or any other app you choose and get them to join your little birthday community. Gifthive...