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Published 12 Nov 2011

Here’s a great way of getting some ideas for those techno friends and loved one’s that cause a perennial problem when it comes to the choice of a suitable gift.

With the technology world changing at an electric pace unless you are as keen and interested as they are about the new gadgets on the block you could end up buying them the equivalent of a Betamax! Now that really would go down well. provides a free and simple way to get ahead of the game by providing you with ideas and choices across a vast number of consumer electronic gifts based on some key information entered.

You need to register and set up your profile and after that you will be able to play around on the ˈwheelˈ. This is the simple way of entering the required details such as age of recipient and what sort of technology they’re in to. This can be selected from a list including things such as music and film, photography and games or they might just be a complete geek about all things techno. Perhaps most importantly you can add your budget too. You can of course search by device and brand if you already have a basic idea.

The site compares prices across a good section of retailers and can notify users of local suppliers. You can also set up price drop alerts which will notify you immediately a particular piece of kit hits your desired budget or...