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Never miss a birthday and make sure your gift gets to them safe and sound

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Gifting should be easy, and we bring our platform to users for that reason. With our busy lives, ... More

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Published 27 Feb 2016

Aah, life used to be so simple once, didn't it? We could swan around without a care in the world and easily remember special events and birthdays with ease. Nowadays, we are all so busy and preoccupied with life that it's hard to remember our own birthday let alone cousin Amy's. By the time you come to realize that her big day is here, it's too late to buy a present and get it to her on time. What we really need is a giant calendar to remind us well before the event so that we can prepare and send a gift off in time.

GiftPrompt is a free gift shopping app for Android that takes a lot of the angst and pain out of remembering birthdays and shopping for the perfect gift. It is a gifting dashboard that better manages all the important dates that you need to remember. They've simplified the art of gift giving by sending timely reminders for important birthdays, anniversaries and holidays so that you'll never miss a friend's or family member's big day ever again.

But that's not all. GiftPrompt throws traditional gift buying out of the window by not only reminding you of the date but also presenting you with appropriate gifts for the occasion. Choose and buy your gift from the extensive high quality collection and GiftPrompt will pick it up, wrap it up and send it off so that it gets there...