Developer description

GimmeDeal$ provides merchants a low cost way to advertise their specials using push notification messaging to phones which have the GimmeDeal$ app installed. The Merchant interface allows them to pick the deal category, enter a 50 character description, select the days and times when the deal is valid, and what day and time they would like the special sent via push notification. Additionally, the Merchant can also send the same special to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
The GimmeDeal$ Android app lists all the Merchant specials based on a user radius setting for each of the 6 deal types (Food, Drinks, Happy Hour, Events, Merchandise and GimmeDeal$). The radius setting also controls which notifications are displayed on the phone. Notifications can be completely turned off from the main screen. Each deal type’s notification settings include on/off, vibrate, silent, limits per day and quite times. Users can share the merchant’s deal and their location from both the notification message (in the drawer) and the app.
From the app, users can also go to the Merchant’s website. The main screen display of all the deals can be filtered based on the type of deal, deal time (today or now) and sorted alphabetically (and any combination of the 3). Revenue is generated from the merchants using a Free-mium model. The introductory free version allows for only 2 specials per week, only 1 notification per week per special, only 1 of the deals can be recurring and no social network posting.
The $19.99 and $29.99/mo subscriptions provide gradually increased functionality. Revenue is generated from the app using banner ads, video ads, Pollfish and an affiliate store. The affiliate store’s merchants can be changed based on external website settings so that a new version of the app is not required if a change of affiliate merchant is desired. Comparing GimmeDeal$ to the competition: Groupon: GimmeDeal$ specials can be created realtime by Merchants for any special they would like to advertise.
Unlike Groupons, the user is not charged to use the special. Unlike Groupon, the Merchant does not have to split the revenue for each Deal redeemed. Facebook: For Facebook users, Merchant specials are easily dismissed due to the high traffic of Facebook posts. For the Merchant, they can still post to Facebook using the GimmeDeal$’ console. UrbanAirship: Expensive service that requires a custom Merchant specific app. Most small merchants can’t afford the $20k-$35k for an app that has push notification ability. GimmeDeal$ is free for a basic subscription.
Coupon apps (Shopular, GeoQpons, Coupon Sherpa, etc.): GimmeDeal$ is not a big-box coupon app, it displays daily specials that are happening around the user from smaller local merchants. GimmeDeal$ provides a catalyst for the user’s daily activities (e.g. eat, drink, events, buying) and provides savings and notifications of those things that they would like to do.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015