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Published 30 Dec 2011

Ginq certainly looks good, that's for sure. But there are, of course a squillion movie apps around. So what makes Ginq different to all the others? Well, it really is a movie review site that wants to be Twitter. Ginq is a free social movie review app that wants you to review the movies you see. But it doesn't want some rambling account of the allegorical meanings of the director's latest magnum opus. Ginq wants a short precise 160 character assessment of the film that you can share with your friends.
If you are looking for a place to read about the revered movies online then this is close to the right website for you and your friends. Ginq is one of the largest communities of online movie reviews with lots of very cool features including direct links to other movie site ratings from the likes of Yahoo, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and TMDB. It's a whole new way of movie reviews as you can write or read short movie reviews. That means straight to the point and without much fuss. Ginq gets your reviews out there for your friends to read and gives you the chance for viewers to rate your opinions alongside those venerated websites...but in a much more succinct 160 characters or less.  You can even watch the trailer and all from just the one page. Another key and very useful and important feature for the movie fan is to keep...