Developer description

GitPrime analyzes a team’s codebase to quantify software engineering progress and help engineering managers lead their team effectively. Unlike traditional ticketing systems, that only track requested features based on self-reporting, GitPrime leverages the data from version control to provide timely and accurate answers based on facts not feelings.
For example, GitPrime helps managers identify engineers who are stuck or bogged down with refactoring, and quantify the amount of effort spent paying down technical debt.
For many companies, their engineering team is their largest expense and most important division, while the engineering work itself has lacked visibility into how thing are going. Unlike sales teams which have clear productivity metrics, engineering teams have no way to measure progress objectively which leads to subjective and arbitrary management.
GitPrime bridges the communication gap between engineering and the rest of the organization to help stakeholders finally understand how things are going based on concrete data.

Last updated 27 Jul 2016