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GiveEmThis is a free web app that helps users quickly find great gifts by algorithmically ... More

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Published 1 Oct 2011

Unless you are one of those exceptional people who excels in buying gifts for your friends you may need some help in buying that perfect gift for your Facebook friend. One of the great successes of social networking sites is the ability to connect people in cyberspace if not in person. You may not know them as well as you once did. GiveEmThis is a free web shopping app that helps users quickly find great gifts by algorithmically analyzing their friend’s social media habits and comments.
Through their social media site  (or Twitter, blog or URL) users simply log on to and type in a friend’s name. Then GiveEmThis uses the licensed predictive buying technology of Imply Labs to analyze the friend’s social media and recommends gift ideas. While they cannot access private information from social networking sites, they do analyze all the public information that your friend has on show to make a call on the appropriate gift. Then they scan millions of gifts and try to match the social media profile of the recipient with the perfect present. When suitable gifts have been located, GiveEmThis will narrow the search down to a smaller number of ideas and present them to you for approval. Their aim is to find a gift that you will love giving and your friend will love to receive. GiveEmThis doesn't post on their wall or contact them in any way...they just analyze and report back to you. There is no charge for the service as they just provide the details of what to get and where to get it.

For most of us gift buying does not come naturally. There's never enough time to do it properly and they usually end up with a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers whereas they could have finished up with that bespoke stained glass lampshade they've always wanted. If you were organized enough it could have possibly cost you about the same amount of money too. And you would be lauded as #1 friend for months and who knows where that could lead. GiveEmThis is a simple concept and carried out with the minimum of fuss and bother. The interface is basic and easy to use and they provi the service free when you sign up. All you pay for are the gifts.

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