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Published 13 Oct 2011

There are an awful lot of crowdfunding apps around and most allow you to raise funds for a wide range of causes. clearly focuses on helping people suffering from serious illness and encourages friends and family to set up a page and spread the word through social networks.

The site is keen to point out that even those with medical insurance are likely to suffer financially when an illness is prolonged and so nobody is excluded from benefiting.

The system works like almost all of the others. Organizers of a fundraiser can create a profile page and include the story, photographs and video clips along with the target amount and expiry date. They then get busy on Facebook and email and spread the word. Links to other websites can also be included. At the end of a successful campaign the beneficiary is sent a check.

The system doesn’t follow the all or nothing policy and expiry dates can even be extended. The only stipulation is that a minimum of $50 must be reached otherwise it is deemed unsuccessful and donors are refunded.

The word refunded here does bring up the only concern I have about this one. Donors are not pledging cash which will only be taken from their credit or debit card at the end of the fundraising event they are actually paying when they hit the button.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that with a few successful campaigns running the interest accruing could build into a nice bonus on top of the 7%  of total funds raised charged by the site at the conclusion of a fundraiser.

This concern should not be seen as a warning to stay away, far from it as funds like these will generally be held in escrow. It might be worth finding out who controls the escrow account though for a little more peace of mind.

There aren’t many worthier causes than helping a friend or family member in times of need and this site will provide the tools to do just that.

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