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Editor's review

Published 20 Oct 2011

It’s always good to see a fundraising site with a slightly different take on things and is one of them.

As a donation tool for social causes it allows fundraisers to give more specific details about just what the money is needed for rather than just setting a total goal amount. By doing this it gives donors a direct say (or vote as the site calls it) on what element or elements they want their cash to be spent on.

For example, a schools musical department might need some new equipment. Rather than just appeal for a lump sum to cover everything each item can be listed with the amount required next to it. Donors can then peruse the list and mark their contributions against one or several listed items. Progress is then shown individually with both a sliding bar visual and a percentage against target note.

The idea behind the site is to bring some transparency to proceedings and speed up donations. There is also probably some psychology behind it in that anyone logging on and seeing an item is only 5% short of its target may feel duty bound to get it over the line. Transparency is also kept up with plenty of online engagement between fundraisers and supporters.

Campaign details can be spread across all of the social networks and widgets can be embedded into the fundraisers site and the sites of supporters giving the cause even more access to donors.

The system is free to a degree in that it costs nothing to set up a fundraiser. The site does however take 5% of all donations but charges the donor who has the option of having the fee added on or deducted with the cause receiving the net amount.



This is a simple looking site with some great features to improve donor participation. By supporting individual items it’s likely that they will return just to see how that item is fairing and once they’re back there’s every chance they’ll donate again.

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