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A gift store built by and for the people of Facebook

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Givvy is a social shopping app that helps Facebook users discover, share and curate ... More

Editor's review

Published 2 Sep 2011

Givvy is a one-of-a-kind social networking shopping site app with a difference - it's put together entirely by Facebook users. Users discover, share and curate interesting and unique gifts for all types of personalities. Rather than physically nipping out to the shops for that special gift users can turn to trusted friends and curators for gift recommendations.

All the gifts on Givvy are recommended by Facebook users from any of the many merchants from around the world. Then they are ranked in order by the Givvy community. Users can access the many personality profiles, match them to the potential giftee and view the customized items available to buy. Become a curator by suggesting gift ideas and gain credits when items are purchased. The gifts are generally quirky and often bespoke (you see, Grand Designs doesn't have exclusives on that word.)

When you look at the general idea of Givvy it certainly sounds a bit lame. However, the more you look at it the more interesting it becomes. Not only does it encourage users to scour the Facebook ads for interesting items but it makes it worth their while if they find something deemed sellable. The gifts on offer are actually pretty good and not the sorts of things you can nip down to the local shops to get. So if you are looking for that 'bespoke' gift for that special person you might want to check out here first. Now where did I see those Big Star T-shirts?

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