Developer description

Glance is a new personalized productivity dashboard for professionals to quickly view and manage multiple apps and services in one place online.

Glance lets you view the most popular apps through simple “cards”. Glance allows you to view all your important feeds and data ranging from your personal email and rss feeds, to Google Analytics, ZenDesk, Mixpanel, and other services for your professional life. Want to quickly check on Facebook Newsfeed stories? Just use the Facebook card. Want to keep track of Github updates to your repo? Add the Github card and never miss a co-worker’s push. Glance's quickly growing array of cards lets anyone customize their dashboard for their daily personal and work life.

With Glance, you can keep track of important metrics and feeds, and get notified of real-time changes as they happen. Just leave Glance up, and it'll let you know of any changes that happened while you're busy at work. Stay on top of your business and personal life with a personalized dashboard made for you, all with just a glance.

Last updated 20 Dec 2012