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Published 2 Jul 2012

[cont'd] the downsides of geolocators in the past has been the fact that the continued running of GPS  in the background can dramatically decrease battery life on your phone but our proprietary "relay" technology eliminates battery draining issues.  Glassmap further keeps your information safe with state of the art security and automatically updates your location to the people you're sharing with. Your friends' locations are automatically updated back to you too.
Glassmap is not only a really useful application to find your friends in that crowded mall or sporting event but it also serves as a business tool to coordinate meetings and let your friends or colleagues know that you're on the way. If they don't have Glassmap you can send them an  SMS or email that points them to a private link that shows where you are and when they can expect you to arrive. This free and easy to use real time geolocation app with benefits makes it easy to keep all your friends and colleagues on the same page. And with its revolutionary battery saving abilities you'll never have Scotty telling you that "The engines won't take it, Captain." Beam me up!